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Wither Soldier in Soul Sand Valley
Wither Soldier
Ancient Debris if you put the Wither Soldier Skull on your head
Ancient Debris if you put the Wither Soldier Skull on your head.
Wither Soldier Horse in Soul Sand Valley
Wither Soldier Horse

Wither Soldier

1.15 +

This Data Pack adds a new mob called Wither Soldier to the game. It spawns very rarely in the Soul Sand Valley.
The Wither Soldier holds a Netherite Sword and rides a Wither Skeleton Horse.

If you kill one of these you get Wither Bones and with a very small chance a Wither Soldier Skull or even a Netherite Sword.

Info: If you use this Data Pack in 1.15, the Wither Soldier can spawn every where in the Nether.


Wither Bones

If you use this on Grass, Saplings or Flowers, the Plant will die. If you use it on flowers they have a chance to turn into Wither Roses.

Wither Bone Meal Recipe

The Crafting Table will show normal Bone Meal as result, but you will get the correct item after you take it out.

[1.15 - 1.19.4] The Crafting needs to be done by dropping a Wither Bone on top of a Crafting Table.

Wither Soldier Skull

Put it on your head and you will be able to see all Ancient Debris in a radius of 5 blocks.

But be aware that you will get the Wither Effect as long as you have it on.


Wither Soldier (Changes from normal Wither Skeleton)


25 Hearts (50 Health Points)

Attack Damage

Easy: 5 Hearts Damage (10 Health Points)
Normal: 7 Hearts Damage (14 Health Points)
Easy: 8 Hearts Damage (16 Health Points)

Attack Knockback

3 (Normal Value: 1.5)

Follow Range

30 Blocks (Value Zombie: 35)

Wither Skeleton Horse (Changes from normal Horse)


10 Hearts (20 Health Points)

Movement Speed

0.3 (Value Player: 0.1)

You can summon the Wither Soldier manual with this command:

/function wither_soldier:spawn

You can give yourself the Wither Soldier Skull with this command:

/function wither_soldier:wither_soldier_skull/give