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1.13 +

This Data Pack gives you new commands to kill entities in a radius of 1 Block, teleport to the spawn point, to instant heal you and a new chat menu, where you have a lot more shortcuts to execute commands.


/trigger kill

Kills all entities in distance of 1 block.

/trigger reg

Fills your hunger and health bar.

/trigger spawn

Teleports you to your home point.

/trigger cmd

Opens the chat menu

Chat Menu


Gives you Resistance

Night Vision

Gives you Night Vision

Kill all Items

Kill all items which are in loaded chunks

Toggle Time

Change the time from day to night and backwards


Get Data of nearest Entity

Shows you the NBT data of the entity which is the nearest to you

Get Data of Selected Item

Shows you the NBT data of the item you have selected in your hotbar

If you press on the Show button next to the last two commands you get the command pasted in you chat to modify it.


On the first time you join the world with the Data Pack installed, you should go to the spawn and execute this command:

/function shortcmd:setup

This command also changes the following gamerules:

  • commandBlockOutput to false
  • doDaylightCycle to false
  • doMobSpawning to false
  • doWeatherCycle to false
  • keepInventory to true
  • spawnRadius to 0