Powered Enchanting

  1. Select Minecraft Version:
  2. Change language:
  3. Select a premade edition and/or select the Enchantments you want in the list below.
    (If you don't select a vanilla Enchantment, it will still be aviable trough trading or can be found in chests. It is also possible to combine it on the Enchanting Table.)
  4. Change values of each Enchantment by clicking on the settings icon in the top-left corner.

    Get more Informations about the values

  5. Download the Data Pack and install it like any other by saving the zip file in the datapack folder of the world. If you want to use a Recipe Unlocker use this one.

    Use the Share button to share your created pack.

Create your own Enchantments Help translating

Enchantment list

List options:

Value Informations

Enchantments with red names are Advanced Enchantments
Enchantments with green names change the behaviour of other Enchantments

Pack Id:
Can be used to share your selected Enchantments with others. It can also be found in the zip file of your Data Pack.

Max Level:
The maximum level of the Enchantment.

Compatible Items:
Tools or armor, the Enchantment can be enchanted on.

Can't be enchanted on the tool if one of these Enchantments is on it.

Enchanting chance:
The chance that the Enchantment gets in the first selection for the enchanting. To select the final one, one random (all with same chance) of the first selection will be choosen.
The Enchantment in the braket is an example of an Enchantment with this chance.

Advanced Enchantment:
Should the Enchantment only be obtainable through Advanced Enchanting.

Ignore incompatible Enchantments:
Ignore incompatible Enchantments (can't be used for all)