Murder Map: Storage Room
TNT Run Map
Hide and Seek Map: Outdoor
Hide and Seek Map: Cave
Murder Map: Lobby
Murder Map: Kitchen
Murder Map: Bedroom

Mini Games


My map for all the different games on my website. Ready to play with your friends.

The map currently only contains the Murder Game. But there are plans to add Hide and Seek, TNT Tag as well as TNT Run in the future.


  1. Finish the setup and leave the Config Mode.
  2. Start the game with the following command. You don't need to have op to do that.
    /trigger Murder
  3. Afterwards a 30s countdown starts. In this time other players can join the game. (To play you need to have at least 2 players in the game.)
  4. If you want to leave the game, you need to execute this command again.
    /trigger Murder
  5. After the 30s the game starts and the Murder will have 5 min to kill all other player.
  6. One of the player will get a Bow. He is the Detective and needs to find the Murder and kill him before he kills the other players.
  7. The other players can hide or collect Gold. (With 6 Gold you get a Bow with which you can also hunt the Murder)
  8. If the Murder kills all player, he will win. But if the time gets of before the Murder killed all players or if the Murder dies, the surviving players win.