1. Select Minecraft Version:
  2. Change settings if needed. Most of them can also be changed ingame.
    Do not forget to enable the locking of the main group in the settings
  3. Select all blocks you want to lock.
  4. Download the Data Pack

Key Damage



Trapdoors and fence gates
Add custom containers (separate with space)!!
Select containers (selection by dragging is possible)
Trapped ChestTrapped Chest
Black Shulker BoxBlack Shulker Box
Blast FurnaceBlast Furnace
Blue Shulker BoxBlue Shulker Box
Brewing StandBrewing Stand
Brown Shulker BoxBrown Shulker Box
Cyan Shulker BoxCyan Shulker Box
Gray Shulker BoxGray Shulker Box
Green Shulker BoxGreen Shulker Box
Light Blue Shulker BoxLight Blue Shulker Box
Light Gray Shulker BoxLight Gray Shulker Box
Lime Shulker BoxLime Shulker Box
Magenta Shulker BoxMagenta Shulker Box
Orange Shulker BoxOrange Shulker Box
Pink Shulker BoxPink Shulker Box
Purple Shulker BoxPurple Shulker Box
Red Shulker BoxRed Shulker Box
Shulker BoxShulker Box
White Shulker BoxWhite Shulker Box
Yellow Shulker BoxYellow Shulker Box
Iron Chest Mod by ProgWML6 [Shown on curseforge]
Copper ChestCopper Chest
Crystal ChestCrystal Chest
Diamond ChestDiamond Chest
Dirt ChestDirt Chest
Gold ChestGold Chest
Iron ChestIron Chest
Obsidian ChestObsidian Chest
Trapped Copper ChestTrapped Copper Chest
Trapped Crystal ChestTrapped Crystal Chest
Trapped Diamond ChestTrapped Diamond Chest
Trapped Dirt ChestTrapped Dirt Chest
Trapped Gold ChestTrapped Gold Chest
Trapped Iron ChestTrapped Iron Chest
Trapped Obsidian ChestTrapped Obsidian Chest
Add custom doors (separate with space)!!
Select doors (selection by dragging is possible)
Acacia DoorAcacia Door
Bamboo DoorBamboo Door
Birch DoorBirch Door
Cherry DoorCherry Door
Copper DoorCopper Door
Crimson DoorCrimson Door
Dark Oak DoorDark Oak Door
Exposed Copper DoorExposed Copper Door
Iron DoorIron Door
Jungle DoorJungle Door
Mangrove DoorMangrove Door
Oak DoorOak Door
Oxidized Copper DoorOxidized Copper Door
Spruce DoorSpruce Door
Warped DoorWarped Door
Waxed Copper DoorWaxed Copper Door
Waxed Exposed Copper DoorWaxed Exposed Copper Door
Waxed Oxidized Copper DoorWaxed Oxidized Copper Door
Waxed Weathered Copper DoorWaxed Weathered Copper Door
Weathered Copper DoorWeathered Copper Door
Trapdoors and fence gates
Add custom trapdoors and fence gates (separate with space)!!
Select trapdoors and fence gates (selection by dragging is possible)
Acacia TrapdoorAcacia Trapdoor
Bamboo TrapdoorBamboo Trapdoor
Birch TrapdoorBirch Trapdoor
Cherry TrapdoorCherry Trapdoor
Copper TrapdoorCopper Trapdoor
Crimson TrapdoorCrimson Trapdoor
Dark Oak TrapdoorDark Oak Trapdoor
Exposed Copper TrapdoorExposed Copper Trapdoor
Iron TrapdoorIron Trapdoor
Jungle TrapdoorJungle Trapdoor
Mangrove TrapdoorMangrove Trapdoor
Oak TrapdoorOak Trapdoor
Oxidized Copper TrapdoorOxidized Copper Trapdoor
Spruce TrapdoorSpruce Trapdoor
Warped TrapdoorWarped Trapdoor
Waxed Copper TrapdoorWaxed Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Exposed Copper TrapdoorWaxed Exposed Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Oxidized Copper TrapdoorWaxed Oxidized Copper Trapdoor
Waxed Weathered Copper TrapdoorWaxed Weathered Copper Trapdoor
Weathered Copper TrapdoorWeathered Copper Trapdoor
Acacia Fence GateAcacia Fence Gate
Bamboo Fence GateBamboo Fence Gate
Birch Fence GateBirch Fence Gate
Cherry Fence GateCherry Fence Gate
Crimson Fence GateCrimson Fence Gate
Dark Oak Fence GateDark Oak Fence Gate
Jungle Fence GateJungle Fence Gate
Mangrove Fence GateMangrove Fence Gate
Oak Fence GateOak Fence Gate
Spruce Fence GateSpruce Fence Gate
Warped Fence GateWarped Fence Gate