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The new Attack of the Wandering Trader
The new attack of the Wandering Trader
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Better Wandering Trader

1.15 +

With this Data Pack you'll get a lot of small useful things that you can trade with Wandering Traders. These items are all available only through him.

The Wandering Trader will also become a neutral mob. This means that if you provoke him, he will attack you.
But this is not the only punishment for attacking him. The harder one is that you'll need to wait much longer for a new Wandering Trader to spawn.

The items you can trade with him are split into three rarity degrees. The common items have a yellow name, the rare ones have a blue one and the epic ones have a purple one.
In the inventory of the Trader the first four trades are common, the next two rare and the last one is epic.

The entire spawning system of the Wandering Trader has also been reworked. Now, a Wandering Trader spawns every five days at random player who hasn't hit a Trader in the last five days. After two days, the Trader despawns again.

If you play on a server or a weak PC, please check first if the Nether and the End Gate place and remove the blocks correctly. If they don't place a 3x3 platform in the end or in the nether underneath you, you should disable these trades!

Common Trades

Death Coords

Death Coords#death_coords
If you die with this item in the inventory your position before death will be displayed in the chat.
You will lose all Death Coords items in your inventory on death.

Toggle Day Time

Toggle Day Time#toggle_day
Place it on the ground to toggle the time.

Toggle Weather

Toggle Weather#toggle_weather
Place it on the ground to toggle the weather.

Horse Upgrade: Health

Horse Upgrade: Health#horse_health
Drop it on a Horse to add 1 heart to it.

Horse Upgrade: Speed

Horse Upgrade: Speed#horse_speed
Drop it on a Horse to upgrade the speed.

Horse Upgrade: Jump Strength

Horse Upgrade: Jump Strength#horse_jump
Drop it on a Horse to upgrade the jump strength.

Bone Dust

Bone Dust#bone_dust
Chance to spread flowers when right clicking them.

Vanilla Minecraft Trades:

Rare Trades

XP Cost Reducer

XP Cost Reducer#cost_reducer
Drop it with a too expensive tool on a Smithing Table to reduce the cost by 10 levels. Does only work with tools which cost more than 40 levels.

Item Magnet

Item Magnet#magnet
Hold it in the main or offhand to attract all items in a radius of 5 blocks.

Anvil Repair

Anvil Repair#anvil_repair
Drop it on an Anvil to repair it.

Nether Gate

Nether Gate#nether_gate
Right click to teleport you from the Overworld to the Nether and back.

Vanilla Minecraft Trades:

Epic Trades

Spawner Breaker

Spawner Breaker#spawner_breaker
Drop it on a Spawner to break it with the Mob saved in it.

Creeper Disruptor

Creeper Disruptor#creeper_disruptor
Disrupts all Creeper in a radius of 30 blocks, when placed on the ground. All disrupted Creepers won't make explosion damage.

End Gate

End Gate#end_gate
Right click to teleport you from the Overworld to the End and back.

Vanilla Minecraft Trades:
Turtle Egg#turtle_egg


Disable custom spawning. Afterward the Wandering Trader will spawn like normal, but he will still have the custom trades.

/scoreboard players set #spawn_normal usftrader 1

Disable trades. Replace #id with the small written ID that is next to the name of the item in the Trades spoiler.

/scoreboard players set #id usftrader 1

Disable the disrupting sound of the Creeper Disruptor.

/scoreboard players set #disruptor_sound usftrader 1

To enable the setting again you need to execute the same command except of the 1 replace with a 0.

Create your own Trades