Create a recipe for the Crafting Table that has an item with NBT data as result.

  1. Define the namespace of the Data Pack and select the Minecraft version you want to use for the Data Pack.
  2. Go to the first dark gray section, which contains all text fields for the first recipe. Paste the JSON code for the recipe (generator) and the result item with NBT in the according inputs. The result item can also be inserted as a give command.

    Create your Recipe

    The recipe is used to create your item with NBT. The item that you have defined in the JSON recipe is displayed in the Crafting Table. Only when it has been placed in the inventory, it will be replaced by the item with NBT.

    Since the clear command deletes the JSON recipe result item, it must not be an item that could be in your inventory with NBT data. I recommend using items like Barriers, Structure Voids or Knowledge Books (for non-stackable items) instead.

    If you have defined multiple items as result, the player will receive the corresponding number of the item with NBT.

    • If you need more then one recipe, you can add one by clicking on the according button in the navigation bar or by using the key combination Ctrl + Enter.
    • Navigate quickly between all recipes by using the buttons in the left sidebar.
  3. To download the finished Data Pack you can, again, use the button in the navigation bar or the key combination Ctrl + S.

Change file names and directories

To change file names and directories you have to activate the checkbox in the spoiler "Advanced Options" bellow the version selection.

Afterwards you can change the file path for all files of the recipes under the spoiler "Advanced options" in the dark grey sections. The grey placeholder text is the current path and will be used unless you overwrite it.

If you use the $ character in Folder Path fields, it will be replaced with the input of the field "Recipe Id" as soon as you download it. If the $ character is not used in the Folder Path, the Recipe Id replaces the File Name.

Since a normal Recipe Unlocker Data Pack would break this crafting method, you should use this one if you want one.

If you upload the Data Pack that uses recipes created with this generator, I'd really appreciate it if you would credit this page and share your Data Pack upload page as a comment on Planet Minecraft (but you don't have to).

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Data Pack ID Name (needed)

Select your Minecraft version (needed)

Advanced Options

Scoreboard Name


Recipe (needed)

Result Item with NBT-Data (needed)

Recipe Id

Advanced Options

Tag Name

Advancement Folder Path

Advancement File Name

Recipe Folder Path

Recipe File Name

Function Detect Folder Path

Function Detect File Name
Function Craft Folder Path Function Craft File Name
Function Mass Craft Folder Path Function Mass Craft File Name